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Create PDF Sewing Patterns – FREE Digital Pattern Making Tutorials.(PDF) How To Do Everything with Adobe Photoshop CS4 – Tutorial | Catalin Birlea –

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This helps to turn one shapeinto another Delete Anchor Point toolDeletes points from a path without causing a break aobe the path. In the Brushes panel, you can scatter brushes and create random color.

This tutorial will take you through some of the basic uses of Illustrator CS4. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Adobe Illustrator CS4 is an illustration program that can. Online video tutorial – Beginners guide to Adobe Illustrator. Back to menu. What are we going to create on this course. A vector illustration / Poster.


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Paper sewing patterns are slowly becoming redundant, mainly due to the cost of commercial printing, packaging, and delivery worldwide. It is this slow transition from paper to digital that is making independent pattern companies a huge success. In this tutorial, we show you how to transform your finished digital ePattern into a physical product by copying and pasting it onto one of our multi-page PDF sewing pattern templates.

Not only that, but we also show you how to lock your PDFs with a password, allowing printing but preventing people from editing your pattern. Download the multi-page PDF templates pack and select the paper size s that suit your needs. Arrange the blocks by moving and rotating in order to economise printing. Removing redundant pages or Artboards that do not feature pattern pieces. Saving the finished layout as an Adobe Illustrator file for editing later.

Saving the finished layout as a multipage PDF with the option to add security. Follow along with our tutorials and learn digital pattern making in Adobe Illustrator CC. Purchase and download one of our editable digital basic blocks. We have a few options for you to choose from Put your skills to the test, and improve your ability at pattern making in Adobe illustrator CC with our Style tutorials. Simply find the style you love, auto-draft your custom-fitting basic block, and follow the tutorial.

Thank you so much, your course is brilliantly helpful. I have an issue with sizing. When pasting your the designs into the he A4 PDF converter doc, the designs are enormous. Tried a few different ways but the problems repeating each time. Hi Sam, thanks for your comment! Our A4 print templates are designed with enough printer border to work with the majority of modern printers, this means that the print area is a bit smaller than expected. You can then define the size of your printer margins and save on even more paper.

Also I want to do kids patterns and design do you have any tutorials etc on this and designing your own patterns? I have a little problem with my pdf so I hope you can help! There is no margin on the top and on the left side of the A4 page, so when I print, the pattern is cropped. Is there any way to fix this? Please help! Hi Margo. It could be due to your printer settings. We have just launched a brand new tutorial that shows you how to make your own PDF print templates.

Following this tutorial to create your own might help resolve the issues you are facing. Hi Coco, we have a tutorial that explains the concept of grading in Adobe illustrator. Hi Ralph, thanks so much for these tutorials. You have mentioned several times that the free transform tool is not suitable for grading patterns.

Could it perhaps be used for scaling patterns instead? If this would work, they could test their pattern on a small scale and then re-enlarge the final design once they are happy. Hope that helps and happy teaching! I am a teacher as well. Just one question. Is it possible to edit the multipage pdf as to add customize informartion and sorry for this in advance replace the patternlab logo with my own?

Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, our PDF patterns are not editable, therefore, you will not be able to change the logo. However, if you purchase an SVG editable pattern you can open it in Adobe Illustrator and then replace the logo with your own.

Please note, you may not place your logo on one of our patterns without first adjusting or changing the design of that pattern. We have a whole series of Pattern making tutorials in Adobe illustrator that allow you to adapt our basic blocks into custom sewing patterns or designs.

Thank you so much Raph!!. Sooo helpful, easy to understand, accurate, …just perfect! A million thanks!!!!!! Thanks so much for these videos, they are so helpful! I see in your tutorial you delete a number of pages from the print template, however I am unable to do so. Can you let me know how I go about doing these two things? How do I see the dimensions of the art board? Thank you. To change the units of the rulers simply right click on the ruler bar and select, cm, or inches. If you then scroll to the far right of the artboard, you can see where the side of the artboard intersects the ruler marks.

Hopefully, this helps answer your question. Love your tutorials. It is not in many pages as in your Tutorial. How do I get more that 1 page. I saw how you deleted pages but not how you add pages. I am actually working on CS3 but it did import.

Thanks so much, AMY. Thank you very much for this course. It was really professional and very useful. I wish you great success in your activity! This is so helpful. I am wondering though, I cannot seem to edit the template. Is it possible to delete these? Hey Kerry! Did you find out how to edit the template? I was completely afraid by Illustrator before. These video and tito are clear.

I tried many other solutions to draft my lingerie patterns and now I have an overview what I have to do in my design process. Hi, these tutorials are brilliant, thank you. Please can I ask about your copyright policy? Do you allow people to sell the patterns they create on your cutting table and pages PDF? I love your tutorials so much and I am super excited to try making garments using these slopers as my base!!

I did have one question. When printed, there is a white edge, which I understand is inevitable. When I buy PDF patterns, there is often a border in each page that allows me to line up the lines when I tape my pages together. Do you know if there is a way we can add that?

I made my first bodysuit sloper using your body glove block and using these tutorials to add SA and it fits perfectly. I am very very excited to see what can come out of using AI and your blocks. Thanks so much!

Hi I would like to know the same thing as well. Thank you and great instruction I have learned so much!!! You can do it easily! Draw a rectangle with the same measurement of the table. You should do this in all tables that you need for your pattern. When I save as advised above — I am able to protect my document — but I loose all my layers. Were you able to tell me how to protect my work and lock each layer permanently without loosing my layers.

Note : I have saved each size of the garment into a separate layer, so the home dress maker can grab and print just the one size. Imagine you have created a set of patterns on the Cutting Table, each one has its own layer. If you select and copy all of the patterns on the Cutting Table and then paste them to the PDF template, Illustrator places them all on one layer.

Is this your first issue? To resolve this, select and copy all of the multi-layered patterns on the Cutting Table. Now, when you paste your multi-layer patterns into the PDF Print Template, it will remember the layers so they appear in exactly the same way as they did on the Cutting Table. Possibly you can give me more insight? I think I know what Ainslie means.

Despite this being an old question, maybe someone else may still be wondering the same thing.


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