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Publish Place the steps of the project management cycle in order. Through the use of CC licenses, millions of people around the world have made their photos, videos, writing, music, and other creative content available for any member of the public to use.

Design Principle: Symmetry Symmetry adds balance to a design. When elements are the same on both sides of an axis, the design feels harmonious. Symmetry: Refers to the proper and balanced distribution of shapes and spaces around a common line.

Exercise Click on the image that portrays symmetrical balance. Design Principle: asymmetry Asymmetry achieves balance through contrast. Asymmetrical, or informal balance, involves different elements that have equal visual weight; the weight can be equal but the elements are not identical. Design Principle: Unity Unity provides the cohesive quality that makes a project feel complete and finished.

Design Principle: balance Its means that the visual weight of objects, space, and color is equally distributed across the page. Without balance, a design feels off-kilter, inconsistent, and unsettling. Design Principle: Proportion Proportion is the relative visual size and weight of particular graphical elements in a design and how they compare with one another. Design Principle: Emphasis Method used to attract attention in the design of a page or work of art is the use of a focal point.

Match the concept with the correct description. Unity Balance Proportion Emphasis An element distinguish because it is different An element seems to be the proper size The sense that elements belong together The image has correctly distribute elements Primary colors In an idealized model is considered primary color to the color that can not be obtained by mixing any other, for the light colors additives are: red, green and blue, for the subtractive pigments are: red Magenta , blue cyan and yellow.

Complementary Colors Colors with the maximum contrast are located opposite each other in the chromatic circle. Similar Colors Uses neighboring or sequential colors in the color circle and have a color as common denominator. Select the business type that this color scheme would typically serve for. Edit symbols When you edit a symbol, Animate updates all the instances of that symbol in your document. Other objects appear dimmed for the badges of the file being edited.

The name of the file being edited appears in an edit bar at the top of the Stage, to the right of the scene name. Editing a book in a separate window allows you to view the symbol and the main timeline. The file name that appears in the edit bar is at the top of the Stage. The file name that appears in the edit bar is at the top of the Stage, to the right of the name of the current scene.

When editing a, animate update all instances of this in the document. Symbols are written in the following ways: What happens when a symbol is edited? Information on symbols Symbols may include illustrations imported from other applications.

The created symbols automatically form part of the active document library. These symbols can be reused in the same or in other documents. Workspace You create and manipulate your documents and files using various elements, such as panels, bars, and windows.

Any arrangement of these elements is called a workspace Identificate each panel from Animate CC a b c d Make Responsive The users can create Canvas output that can be responsively scaled within the browser.

Select Scale to fill visible area to view the output in full screen mode. Hacer interactivo Los usuarios pueden dar salida a su documento y adaptarse a medida del navegador. Send when an input field receives a input Dispatched by user input with an interaction device When a device becomes detected Line Tool Creates a shape that is entirely composed of a single stroke. Match each picture with the instruction for creating a line stroke and modify the width.

Guides Guides help you align text and graphic objects. You can create ruler guides straight vertical or horizontal lines and guide objects vector objects that you convert to guides. Like the grid, guides do not print. Tools panel The tools in the Tools panel let you draw, paint, select, and modify artwork, as well as change the view of the Stage. Select the correct tool to create shapes 1 Lasso 2 Pencil 3 Text 4 Rectangle Publish as Animate Deployment Package. Select this export option to create a project package file for use in other Adobe tools.

When the rules are visible, they appear at the top and left of the document. You can change the unit of measure you use in the rules; The default drive is pixels. When you move an element on the Stage with the rules visible, no lines in the rules that indicate the dimensions of the element. The principles of design They also help generate a design that will visually maintain consistency. The principles of design Unity Helps the transmission of the message of any design.

The unit is what gives coherence to all of the above and tells us that the design is well built, generates a feeling, everything within the composition has a place and completes it. The principles of design Balance It refers to the accommodation of the elements and the relationship between them that ensures a sense of order and therefore a better appreciation.

It also refers to the common traits that some elements share. The principles of design Proportion Size relationships in a design are defined by proportion and scale. Proportion refers to how the elements within an object relate to the object as a whole. The principles of design Emphasis Used to denote importance to certain elements, some being more dominant than others, this to attract the attention of the viewer to certain areas as well as the perception of objects within a composition.

Answer options may be used more than once or not at all. Click or drag an object to include the object with the rectangular selection. Subselec tion Tool A Use this tool to change the shape of a motion plot of an animation.

You can display the control points and plot curve controls that correspond to each position property keyframe. Loop Tool L Use this tool to create an irregular outline selection on an object. Polygon Tool L Use this tool to define a selection area with a series of connected straight lines.

To select this tool, hold down the selected Lasso tool and click the Polygon tool. Magic Wand Tool L Use this tool to select areas of a bitmap graphic that contain the same color or similar colors.

To select this tool, hold the selected Lasso tool and click the Magic Wand tool. Animate highlights the objects and strokes that have been selected with a bounding box. You can choose to select only the strokes of an object or its fillers. You can hide the highlighting of the selection to edit the objects without having to display the highlighting.

This feature reduces the time it takes to publish an AIR application for iOS and dramatically improves productivity and performance. Attempting to import a protected SWF causes an error dialog to appear.

This allows you to open and edit the original file at a later time. The SWF format is a special compressed format designed for small file size and scalability. To keep this file size several elements within the original Animate format are compressed into data that Animate can not re-import. This results in lower preview times and faster speed when performing experiments several times. There are no audio synchronization problems or memory limitations.

The video file remains external to the rest of the Animate content, so it is relatively time to update the video content without having to re-publish the SWF file. What is a characteristic of a SWF file with an embedded video that has been published to the web? You can add sounds to controls to make them more interactive and make them appear and disappear gradually to further refine the sound track. An event sound must be fully discharged before it starts to play and continue to play until it stops completely.

Sound streams begin to play as soon as enough information has been downloaded for the first frames and synchronized with the timeline for playback on websites. Use mp3 to export long sound streams, such as sound tracks with music. If you export an imported file in mp3 format, you can export it with the same settings as when importing it.

Deselect this option to set up a different mp3 compression. Select this option to export an imported mp3 file with the same settings it had when it was imported. Compression options mp3 Animate Temas de repaso Frames are placed in the timeline in the order in which you want the objects in the frames to appear in the final content.

You can also add an empty keyframe in the timeline as a placeholder for the symbols you want to add later, or to leave the frame empty premeditatedly. By using the keyframe, you can set a position, add anchor points, actions and comments, and more. Adobe Animate CC documents split time into frames similar to movies. Then choose Insert Keyframe from the context menu. Then choose Insert Empty Keyframe from the context menu. Add or insert frames in the timeline Exercise A designer is creating a free-of-charge animation projection that other people can use as long as they give her credit for the work and don’t make any changes to it.

Which Creative Commons license indicates that an image can be used for free, requieres that the original author is given credit, and the image must remain unchanged in the derivative work? Which Creative Commons license indicates that an image can be used for free, requires that the original author is given credit, and the image must remain unchanged in the derivative work?

To display the folder layer, click New. To display all layers and folders, click the icon again. To display all layers and folders, click Alt or Option again by pressing Alt. A red X next to the folder layer name in the timeline indicates that it is hidden.

In the publication settings, you can choose whether to include the hidden layers when publishing a SWF file. Each of the methods available to create animated content. Types of animations Motion tweens are used to set the properties of an object, for example, the position and transparency of one frame and, again, another frame.

Motion interpolations are useful for animations with continuous motion for object transformation. Motion tweens appear in the Timeline as groups of contiguous frames and can be selected as a single object by default. Motion tweens are really powerful and easy to create. Motion tweens Classic interpolations add specific animation effects that are not possible in size-based interpolations. To do this, our administrator panel allows you to access student practice test results, view objective breakdowns, track course progress, create custom tests, and more.

Adobe CS6. Adobe CC Adobe Certified Expert. Apple: App Development with Swift certification. Autodesk Certified Professional. Autodesk Certified User. ASE Professional Certification.

AWS Certification. Code Avengers. EC-Council Associate. Information Technology Specialist. IC3 GS4. IC3 GS5. IC3 GS6. Microsoft Certified Educator. Microsoft Certified Fundamentals. Microsoft Office Practice Labs. The Linux Foundation. Project Management Institute. Unmanned Safety Institute. Knowledge through Technology Join students and professionals worldwide who report passing their certification after using GMetrix.



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